Alpine Authorised Dealer

Performance Car Audio is an authorised Alpine Dealer, that sells only genuine and approved Alpine products.

Unauthorised Alpine products in Australia

There have been an abundance of Alpine products sold online in Australia, that are unauthorised for sale by Alpine Electronics of Australia Pty. Limited.

While this may not seem like a problem to you as a consumer, there are some harsh realities you should be made aware of when buying unauthorised or grey imported products.


Authorised Alpine Dealer

Your warranty is not valid in Australia

Alpine products purchased online through unauthorised dealers in Australia do not have a warranty with Alpine Australia. If you buy a dead unit, and the seller refuses to replace it, you will be stuck with it.

Your product may not meet Australian standards

Alpine is an international company that manufactures multiple products for different regions. Products are manufactured to meet standards within the region of sale. If you buy an Alpine product that has been grey-imported from another country, it may not meet Australian safety and product standards

How do I know if I have bought a genuine Alpine product?

Check the Alpine Australia website and see if the store you bought your product from is listed as an authorised dealer. Alternatively, you can forward your serial number to Alpine Australia for confirmation.

Grey-imported Alpine products are known to have damaged or illegible serial numbers on their devices. International dealers will deface and hide their serial numbers to prevent people tracing where the product originated from. See the images below.