Kenwood DMX8019S

7″ Touch Screen Apple CarPlay Android Auto

Kenwood’s new DMX8019S is even more impressive in real life than it looks on paper.

The DMX8019S sports a massive 7-inch HD touch screen, upgraded processor, revamped menu system, and enhanced graphics. From videos to maps, the display looks incredible.

Featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto — your smartphone is now your in-car assistant. Enjoy your favourite music, watch videos, make and receive calls, and navigate with maps. Thanks to intuitive voice commands, you can even do all of this hands-free.

You also get all the other great features you’ve come to expect from Kenwood. Bluetooth 3.0, dual smartphone connectivity, Spotify control, Wi-Fi mirroring, and a 13 band EQ are all included as standard.

Dual-USB ports let you play music and video files in all the popular formats. You can also fast-charge phones and other USB devices as you drive.

The DMX8019S features an upgrade from two to three camera inputs. Now you can connect a rear camera, dash cam, and blind-spot camera all into the one-head unit — and view them all through the touch screen.

This model replaces the DMX8018S.

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